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Separating Info in Excel Combined Fields

Here’s a quick fix if you have an Excel spreadsheet that has a field that combines the city, state, and zip in one field. Three calculations will easily extract the information and place them into individual fields allowing you to easily import them into FileMaker. The combined field is present in B2 and the formula [...]

2016-11-01T17:01:16+00:00 July 29th, 2016|

Jarvis CRM V3: A New Way to Think about CRM

Las Vegas—July 18, 2016—The Scarpetta GroupTM, Inc. announced today that they would be releasing an update to Jarvis CRM to V3, a full-featured business solution. Jarvis is a full-featured business solution for desktop, mobile and web. Built on the FileMaker 15 platform, it runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and in a web browser. Jarvis was [...]

2016-11-01T17:01:16+00:00 July 18th, 2016|

AppleScript OS X Notifications from FileMaker Pro 13

Occasionally, in development, I find that I need to provide some sort of user feedback regarding the completion of a script or to display information to the user and sometimes a custom dialog is not the best solution. And, me just being me, I want to do it in a very useful, efficient and [...]

2017-02-08T11:09:26+00:00 January 6th, 2015|

Using jQuery in FileMaker – Part 4

FileMaker provides us with many great tools for reporting purposes. One of these tools is charting capabilities. FileMaker's built in charting can be very useful for displaying a variety of analytics, but sometimes you run across a situation where you need just a bit more than what FileMaker offers. This is where using jQuery in [...]

2017-01-02T20:01:08+00:00 October 9th, 2014|

Using jQuery UI in FileMaker – Part 3

In part 3 of this series I am going to showcase a user submitted solution from Stephan Bansemer who works with Attend GmbH in Hamburg and is a freelance FileMaker developer. Stephan read the previous blogs in this series and decided to take on one more level of jQuery fun in FileMaker by implementing [...]

2017-02-08T11:12:42+00:00 August 27th, 2014|

Using jQuery UI in FileMaker – Part 2

Part 2 of the series on using jQuery UI in FileMaker. In this tutorial, I am going to explore using the jQuery UI slider control in FileMaker to set a value on a predetermined scale. I will be using FileMaker's data URL functionality and sending data back to FileMaker using the FMPURL method. For those [...]

2017-02-08T11:15:22+00:00 July 11th, 2014|

Using jQuery UI in FileMaker – Part 1

This will be a multi-part series detailing many various jQuery integrations in FileMaker. In this tutorial, we are going to explore using jQuery and jQuery UI libraries in FileMaker natively without requiring a web server or an Internet connection. This is made possible by using FileMaker's data URL functionality. For those of you who [...]

2017-02-08T11:16:37+00:00 May 13th, 2014|

FileMaker 13 Google Maps API Geocode

Most developers are familiar with the built in Google mapping features within FileMaker Pro. However, with FileMaker Pro 13 bringing HTTP POST methods natively into the game, there's much more we can do by leveraging the Google maps APIs in FileMaker. So what can we do with FIleMaker 13 Google maps? In this article, [...]

2017-02-08T11:17:37+00:00 March 25th, 2014|

FileMaker Portal Show Distinct Value Tutorial

In FileMaker, showing distinct values in a portal can be accomplished in various ways.  In this tutorial, I show how to do this using a self-relationship combined with a portal filter using the GetNthRecord ( field name ; recordnumber ) calculation function. An example of this technique being useful is when you want to list [...]

2016-11-01T17:01:18+00:00 March 11th, 2014|

FileMaker PHP Custom Web Menus Tutorial

We work on a lot of custom web applications for FileMaker solutions varying from custom CMS functionality to third-party API integrations. Recently, I worked on a project that required building an efficient way to manage an ever-changing web navigation system. I put together some nifty recursive PHP functions to handle most of the grunt [...]

2017-02-08T11:19:46+00:00 February 17th, 2014|