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About Joe Scarpetta

Joe is the architect of the systems that The Scarpetta Group develops. He started working with FileMaker over 20 years ago, helping businesses streamline their companies’ processes and creating applications to make them run more effectively.

Welcome FileMaker® 17

As part of what has become an annual update around the middle of May, FileMaker continued its pattern with FileMaker 17, an update that tunes the platform to both the end user and the developer. There are a lot of subtle changes that will not initially jump out, so let’s take a look. Licensing [...]

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FileMaker Developer Conference 2017

The FileMaker Developer Conference wrapped up Thursday, July 27, 2017, at the Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix, AZ. This is my favorite location for the conference, as it's great for networking, relaxing (lazy river) and spending time with friends. The food is always exceptional. The conference was a different format this year. It began [...]

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Come visit us at Devcon 2017 Booth #16

  Jarvis CRM v4 Even More Powerful and Easier to use! The Jarvis CRM V4 simple user interface is easy to adopt and implement. Optimized for the FileMaker 16 Platform, Jarvis CRM is intuitive, customizable, and highly scalable. Jarvis CRM has the features to run your business more effectively than ever before. Fully unlocked and customizable to your business [...]

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FileMaker 14 Platform is Here!

What a way to Celebrate 30 Years of FileMaker with The FileMaker 14 Platform! Cheers to the Team at FileMaker! They have really knocked this one out of the park! This is one seriously FAST and feature packed release. Let's start with Speed: 64-Bit, yes our desktops will be cruising along with the fastest [...]

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Time Saving Tips: Upgrading to FileMaker 13 Server Yosemite

So the story kinda goes like this, time to upgrade a client's FileMaker 10 Server to FileMaker 13 Server. Simple enough. Until... The hardware meets exactly the minimum requirements, slow internet, remote installation. The vendor who maintains the hardware upgraded the computer to Yosemite first before the upgrade to FileMaker Server 13. And it's Saturday am, [...]

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Custom Software vs. Off-the-Shelf

Business owners are faced everyday with having to make decisions about how best to run their company. Of these decisions determining the best software to run their company can be one of the most complex. Many factors come into play when making that decision. Cost is always the main one, but is cheaper always [...]

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FileMaker DevCon 2014: A Newcomers’ Perspective

I realize it has been a couple quick weeks since the FileMaker Developer Conference ended, however I would like to share my opportunity to attend this conference thanks to The Scarpetta Group. It is amazing and exciting so many employers share this experience and educational opportunity with their newest employees. At the Women of FileMaker luncheon [...]

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The Game v.2 Winners from FileMaker DevCon 2014

Thank you to those who played The Game v.2 at FileMaker DevCon 2014. Congratulations and a big SHOUT OUT to this year’s winners! Winners & Prizes: 4-Day FileMaker Training Series - Brent Hedden iPad Mini 16GB - Laura Betz 4 Hours of FileMaker Coaching Services - Yvonne Dutreaux Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Edition - Laura [...]

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The Game v.2 Press Release—FileMaker DevCon 2014

Today is the start of FileMaker DevCon 2014 and The Scarpetta Group has exciting news to announce... The Game v.2 starts today! THE GAME V.2 The Game v.2's storyline is a parody and fictional Doctor Who based story with a twist and new characters from another series. Characters and locations from these television series are [...]

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