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About Joe Scarpetta

Joe is the architect of the systems that The Scarpetta Group develops. He started working with FileMaker over 20 years ago, helping businesses streamline their companies’ processes and creating applications to make them run more effectively.

The Game v.2 Press Release—FileMaker DevCon 2014

Today is the start of FileMaker DevCon 2014 and The Scarpetta Group has exciting news to announce... The Game v.2 starts today! THE GAME V.2 The Game v.2's storyline is a parody and fictional Doctor Who based story with a twist and new characters from another series. Characters and locations from these television series are [...]

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Jarvis CRM Press Release—FileMaker DevCon 2014

Today is the start of FileMaker DevCon 2014 and The Scarpetta Group has exciting news to announce... we are releasing our first product, Jarvis CRM! JARVIS CRM We observed trends in what our clients wanted from their database systems to create Jarvis CRM. We found ourselves repeatedly creating similar solutions, so we decided to create [...]

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FileMaker User Interface Design – Time for a change

Field Boxes everywhere, ugh. As long as I can remember databases have had labels and field boxes, and that goes back to the days of Claris Works, FileMaker 2.1. and others as well, at least when the GUI started to take over. Even this blog post is typed into a scrolling field box.  Field boxes have [...]

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FileMaker News: Renewal Rate Increase

If you have not upgraded your FileMaker Licenses to FileMaker 13, the time is now. Effective June 28, 2014 FileMaker renewal rates will increase by about 15%. As of September 26, 2014 FileMaker will no longer offer discounted upgrade pricing. Why is Maintenance Important? A maintenance contract keeps you current with your licensing, so as new [...]

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Custom Functions – Two I cannot live without.

Regardless of how far the FileMaker Platform evolves, there are always specific things we want, or want to tweak so they work in a way we think. Fortunately, we have custom functions.  It's a wide open toolbox for developers to create calculations that can take in parameters, munge them up and push out a result that [...]

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How We Work @ScarpettaGroup

How we work is the biggest question we are almost always asked next to; where do we go from here. That is always a loaded question based on the project. Most projects are really straight forward and once we have gathered requirements we can just take off and run with it and get feedback as [...]

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A View Into Joe Scarpetta

Today marking the second day of Spring always brings to mind several things that make this time of year so wonderful. Flowers and Trees are blooming, and the Red Sox are off to a new season. Everything is fresh and new. It’s a brand new year here at The Scarpetta Group. Years ago when I [...]

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FileMaker Pro 13: Slip Sliding Away

FileMaker Pro 13 Slide Control Awesomeness. One of the best new features of FileMaker Pro 13 is the Slide Control. At a basic level we have seen this type of control on the web for years, but now it has been brought into FileMaker. The Slide Control is easy to setup using FileMaker Pro 13 [...]

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