FileMaker DevCon 2018 Recap

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FileMaker DevCon 2018 Recap FileMaker DevCon 2018 wrapped up last week in Dallas, TX . The conference was great to say the least. The Gaylord Texan resort was a new location for FileMaker DevCon. Everything was in a close proximity and it had a great lazy river. This year my family joined me. Leanne [...]

Announcing Jarvis CRM 5.0

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Jarvis CRM 5.0 The 2018 FileMaker Developers conference this year in Dallas, TX marks my 17th Conference in a row, over 20 years with FileMaker, and 10 years as a company. We have been exhibitors at the conference for the past 5 years  and last year we won “The FileMaker Business Alliance Design Excellence [...]

Perform Script by Script Name in FileMaker® 17

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How does it work? Perform Script and Perform Script on Server were updated to allow selecting From list or By name.  From list allows selecting from scripts as normal. But By name allows you to specify a the script name using the Calculation Dialog so it will accept calculations for the script [...]

How to Create a Master/Detail View in FileMaker 17

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One of FileMaker 17’s new features is the built-in ability to create a Master/Detail view.  A Master/Detail view uses a portal to display the Master List and some detail fields of the selected portal record for a  full view of the data. In the past, app developers would have created Self-Joins, Portal Filters, etc. in [...]

Why Your Project Proposal for Your FileMaker Solution Matters

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It seems obvious that the project proposal for your FileMaker solution is extremely important.  However, most clients think that it’s only important from a cost value. The truth is your project proposal does so much more than that. Your project proposal is the foundation for the entire execution of the project. So what types [...]

Jarvis CRM, the Perfect Starter Solution

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Finding a complete CRM and project management solution for your company can be quite the challenge when most solutions are too expensive, too hard to use, and don’t meet all your company requirements. Often, they’re slow, clunky and require your company’s adaptation to them. Imagine if there was a solution that navigated through your [...]

Show Custom Dialog Variables in FileMaker® 17

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FileMaker 17 was officially announced last week, and there are some pretty cool new features to share. I’m going to highlight the Show Custom Dialog Variables, now updated for the use of variables or fields, which should be a time saver for you. So how many of us have been using global fields to enter [...]