Using jQuery UI in FileMaker – Part 3

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In part 3 of this series I am going to showcase a user submitted solution from Stephan Bansemer who works with Attend GmbH in Hamburg and is a freelance FileMaker developer. Stephan read the previous blogs in this series and decided to take on one more level of jQuery fun in FileMaker by implementing [...]

FYI – iOS Status Bar In FileMaker Go

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Here is just a quick FYI about layout sizing with the iOS Status Bar in FileMaker Go. Below is a screen shot from Using Screen Stencils to design iOS friendly layouts, a support document from FileMaker’s Support site. Click here to view the support article. This table shows the height and width for all iOS [...]

FileMaker DevCon 2014: A Newcomers’ Perspective

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I realize it has been a couple quick weeks since the FileMaker Developer Conference ended, however I would like to share my opportunity to attend this conference thanks to The Scarpetta Group. It is amazing and exciting so many employers share this experience and educational opportunity with their newest employees. At the Women of FileMaker luncheon [...]

The Game v.2 Winners from FileMaker DevCon 2014

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Thank you to those who played The Game v.2 at FileMaker DevCon 2014. Congratulations and a big SHOUT OUT to this year’s winners! Winners & Prizes: 4-Day FileMaker Training Series - Brent Hedden iPad Mini 16GB - Laura Betz 4 Hours of FileMaker Coaching Services - Yvonne Dutreaux Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Edition - Laura [...]

The Game v.2 Press Release—FileMaker DevCon 2014

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Today is the start of FileMaker DevCon 2014 and The Scarpetta Group has exciting news to announce... The Game v.2 starts today! THE GAME V.2 The Game v.2's storyline is a parody and fictional Doctor Who based story with a twist and new characters from another series. Characters and locations from these television series are [...]

Jarvis CRM Press Release—FileMaker DevCon 2014

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Today is the start of FileMaker DevCon 2014 and The Scarpetta Group has exciting news to announce... we are releasing our first product, Jarvis CRM! JARVIS CRM We observed trends in what our clients wanted from their database systems to create Jarvis CRM. We found ourselves repeatedly creating similar solutions, so we decided to create [...]

Using jQuery UI in FileMaker – Part 2

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Part 2 of the series on using jQuery UI in FileMaker. In this tutorial, I am going to explore using the jQuery UI slider control in FileMaker to set a value on a predetermined scale. I will be using FileMaker's data URL functionality and sending data back to FileMaker using the FMPURL method. For those [...]

FileMaker 13 Certification Exam Resources

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Recently I took and passed the FileMaker 13 Certification Exam. I decided to share some links to references available on FileMaker’s site that I found valuable for studying for the exam. I recommend starting with the FIleMaker Training Series: Advanced book which can be found at: These are direct links to the PDF’s that [...]

FileMaker User Interface Design – Time for a change

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Field Boxes everywhere, ugh. As long as I can remember databases have had labels and field boxes, and that goes back to the days of Claris Works, FileMaker 2.1. and others as well, at least when the GUI started to take over. Even this blog post is typed into a scrolling field box.  Field boxes have [...]

On Tap! – FileMaker OnGestureTap

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On Tap! - FileMaker OnGestureTap You guessed it, this post is all about the OnGestureTap Script Trigger and Get ( TriggerGestureInfo ) Function in FileMaker Pro 13 used in FileMaker Go. OnGestureTap is a new script trigger introduced in FileMaker Pro 13 which lets you trigger an event with tap controls. It can be [...]