The Game v.2 Press Release—FileMaker DevCon 2014

Today is the start of FileMaker DevCon 2014 and The Scarpetta Group has exciting news to announce… The Game v.2 starts today!


The Game v.2’s storyline is a parody and fictional Doctor Who based story with a twist and new characters from another series. Characters and locations from these television series are interwoven throughout The Game v.2’s storyline. Participants of The Game v.2 do not need to watch these shows to play the game. Questions will only pertain to FileMaker Go 13 and the FileMaker product line.

Participants will need to download FileMaker Go to an iOS device with GPS capabilities. Participants should go to the and download the iOS configuration file that will open the FileMaker solution, hosted by Longterm Solutions. Participants can sign-up in the FileMaker Go application.

The Game v.2’s storyline will be released in segments throughout each conference day. Each segment will end with a cliffhanger and question(s) about FileMaker Go 13, the FileMaker product line, geocaches, and “Easter-eggs”. The more a participant is involved in The Game v.2, the more entries they will earn towards the Grand Prize. The final drawing will be on July 31, 2014.

Stop by our booth at FileMaker DevCon to learn more about how you can participate in The Game v.2! Or tweet @scarpettagroup for more information.

Download the full press release from the attachment below.


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