FileMaker is an easy-to-use and flexible platform for creating a CRM solution that’s customizable and cost effective for small businesses. It allows you to bring the many different components of the sales and customer service processes together under one roof. FileMaker gives businesses improved access to data and a more efficient workflow. Business owners and their staff can spend less time on administrative tasks, freeing up additional resources for business development, sales growth, and keeping clients happy.

For small businesses, effectively managing the sales cycle can be a challenge. Small businesses are typically operating with limited staff and resources. They don’t have the luxury of full sales and customer service departments. But because sales and client relationships are the lifeblood of small businesses, it’s essential to manage these relationships effectively. FileMaker as a CRM gives your company an edge over competitors and ensures the long-term health of your business.

When it comes to choosing a CRM solution for your business, FileMaker is a platform that offers some unique advantages that set it apart from out-of-the-box CRMs. Today we’ll take a look at eight ways FileMaker provides the strongest value for small businesses looking to upgrade their CRM software or launch one for the first time.

1. FileMaker Has Robust CRM Capabilities For Small Business

No matter how many employees your business has, using a CRM system will help you have a more productive sales team and more satisfied customers. You’ll be able to manage client contacts, foster quality leads, and track the fulfilment process. The FileMaker platform makes it easy to do nearly anything you want to do. The basics like logging each client contact, notating their preferred means of contact, scheduling follow ups with current clients, and nurturing contacts with prospects are all simple with FileMaker. Robust capabilities like tracking total spending per client, monitoring buying habits, and tracking types of purchases are just as simple. FileMaker also makes it easy to automate a variety of tasks and processes to streamline cross-selling and upselling, increasing your company’s revenue.

2. Easy SQL Data Import And API-powered Integrations

One of the things that sets FileMaker apart is its near-limitless compatibility and ease of integration with other popular business systems. It plays nice with nearly all databases and applications, allowing you to automate time-consuming processes. Some examples include the easy integration with Amazon Marketplace Web Services to simplify sales through the Amazon platform. A few more examples: FileMaker connects to BaseCamp, giving you access to the data in your project management system. You can also access data from your databases and and keep it synced across your business. Signature-capture for contracts can also be automated with receipts and invoices generated from within the FileMaker program. The potential is truly limitless.

3. Flexible, Easy-To-Customize Design

When it comes to small businesses, no two are alike. FileMaker is a flexible platform that’s “low-code/no-code.” Customization can happen quickly and affordably, which is a big plus for many small businesses. It’s designed to support RAD (Rapid Application Development) strategies. You can easily create a customized solution that meets the unique needs of your business. Aside from the high costs involved with creating a customized solution with other CRMs, customization is often a complex, time-consuming process. With FIleMaker, however, the process requires much less development time, so you’ll be up and running quickly. You won’t be waiting years to improve your business processes and workflows.

4. Simple-To-Use, Intuitive Layout

FileMaker makes it easy to create user-focused interfaces that smooth out the learning curve for new users. Small businesses can build visually-appealing dashboards and intuitive navigation. Even the most tech-averse members of your team will be at ease. When your people feel comfortable working in your CRM solution, they’re more likely to get on board and actually use it. Getting this buy-in will make the process of integrating the application into the day-to-day work of your company more effective. If you get stuck, FileMaker Business Alliance developers, world-class tech support help, and an active user community stand ready to help. You’re never on your own.

5. Customizable, Data-Driven Reporting

FileMaker provides rich, easy-to-access reporting templates capable of organizing a wide range of data sets and presenting them in concise, easy-to-read reports. You’ll have the flexibility to collect and aggregate information from a large number of external sources. And you’ll be able to create reports using the metrics that truly matter for your business. When you have real-time access to high-quality information about your operations, you and your leadership team are better equipped to make smart, data-driven decisions that move the company forward. You’ll no longer need to rely on inaccurate or outdated data.

6. Streamlined Company-Wide Communication, Anywhere

The workplace isn’t just inside the four walls of your office anymore. Increasingly, work is happening wherever your team happens to be at that moment. Whether your team is spread across the country or the globe in remote offices or whether they’re in the field, they need access to company data in a variety of locations, on a host of devices. That’s why FileMaker is designed to work with a range of desktop and mobile devices. It gives you the ability to easily view your application on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops, wherever your people may be.

7. FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker offers a cloud-based subscription that’s hosted on Amazon Web Services, one of the industry leaders in stable, reliable web hosting. Cloud-based hosting frees you from the expense and headache of supporting the application on site. You’ll won’t have to worry about the potential impact of hacking or server downtime. Cloud hosting also provides automatic software updates so you’ll always be running the most updated version of the program.

8. Powerful Features at a Price You Can Afford

FileMaker leads the way in providing a cost-effective CRM that’s robust enough to handle even the most complex sales and customer services processes. And compared with competitors like Salesforce, FileMaker is available at a fraction of the cost, not even counting the higher costs that come with customizing other CRM software systems.

Those who work with FileMaker on a day-to-day basis consistently rate it as easy-to-use and full of powerful features that keep their businesses running smoothly. When each part of your business is moving in sync, your company is positioned for the type of sustained growth necessary to ensure it continues to thrive long into the future.

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