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James’ focus is designing beautiful FileMaker layouts. He has strong skills with integrations to accounting systems and translating business requirements to a successful user experience. When not building applications you can find him behind his camera.
Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Dynamic Portal Search with FileMaker 14

So here is another one of those things I can’t live without, it's really the custom function that drives this post and was created by FileMaker Inspirations but that I constantly use because of how fast it is. So lets see what it can do. I should note that you need to have FileMaker Pro [...]

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FileMaker 14 Resources

Last year I wrote a post FileMaker 13 Certification Exam Resources, while the exam for FileMaker 14 is not currently out yet these are great FileMaker 14 resources to start with and you'll be referencing with all the really cool features FileMaker 14 has to offer. I recommend starting with the FIleMaker Training Series: Basics book [...]

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PSoS – Perform Script on Server Part 2

Welcome to PSoS - Perform Script on Server Part 2. In PSoS - Perform Script on Server Part 1 I showed how to create a record on the server and come back to a portal row to fill in the information. In Part 2 I decided to show how to delete a record using Perform [...]

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PSoS – Perform Script on Server Part 1

Here is a script step if you haven’t used yet then you really should. I’m going to give an entry level introduction to it in this post but watch for more posts expanding on how it can be used further. For this demo we have a Account table and Contacts table. While there are a [...]

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Time Saving Tips: FileMaker Slide Controls

Time Saving Tips I want to share a time saving tip for FileMaker Slide Controls with all of our followers. If you are used to using tab panels then you probably are used to the way you can move them up and down and in the order you want. Until recently, I wondered why you [...]

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Web Direct: Tips & Tricks – Buttons

Anyone who has used FileMaker Web Direct has noticed interesting behaviors in how your solution looks between the application and online. For this example, I am going to focus on buttons in Web Direct using Safari. (*Note: I duplicated the layout to keep it separate, so I could also remove features that are not compatible with Web [...]

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FYI – iOS Status Bar In FileMaker Go

Here is just a quick FYI about layout sizing with the iOS Status Bar in FileMaker Go. Below is a screen shot from Using Screen Stencils to design iOS friendly layouts, a support document from FileMaker’s Support site. Click here to view the support article. This table shows the height and width for all iOS [...]

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FileMaker 13 Certification Exam Resources

Recently I took and passed the FileMaker 13 Certification Exam. I decided to share some links to references available on FileMaker’s site that I found valuable for studying for the exam. I recommend starting with the FIleMaker Training Series: Advanced book which can be found at: http://www.filemaker.com/support/training/fts.html These are direct links to the PDF’s that [...]

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On Tap! – FileMaker OnGestureTap

On Tap! - FileMaker OnGestureTap You guessed it, this post is all about the OnGestureTap Script Trigger and Get ( TriggerGestureInfo ) Function in FileMaker Pro 13 used in FileMaker Go. OnGestureTap is a new script trigger introduced in FileMaker Pro 13 which lets you trigger an event with tap controls. It can be [...]

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