Contextual Mode Shifting – Update

2024-06-06T17:21:51-04:00By |

Contextual Mode Shifting - Update This is an updated version of the original blog to show you where we are today. So what is Contextual Mode Shifting? It is changing modes in Claris FileMaker and selecting a panel on a slide control by object name to enhance the user experience. This also extends [...]

Google Autofill Using Interactive Text in a WebViewer

2024-05-28T11:30:07-04:00By |

Google Autofill Using Interactive Text in a WebViewer I've always been interested in finding ways to bring features from other development platforms into the Filemaker environment and make it more flexible and attractive to our end users. The emergence of the WebViewer and the evolution of JavaScript as a complementary language inside the [...]

Build. Grow. Learn. From the Ground, Up

2024-05-17T13:26:31-04:00By |

Build. Grow. Learn. From the Ground, Up In 2007, I began to work in my first job using computers. I didn’t grow up with one in my house and when we did get one, it was a glorified typewriter. My brother created my first email address (aside from my work one that I [...]

The Build.Grow.Learn. Experience

2024-05-15T13:26:59-04:00By |

The Build.Grow.Learn Experience - James' Recap           This time of year in Greenville is perfect for an event and living down here made it very convenient for me to attend. However, I don't recommend the pollen, and if you attended then you know what I mean! The area has [...]

Support Requests and Claris Connect

2023-09-26T12:27:55-04:00By |

Support Requests and Claris Connect I am finally getting around to playing with Claris Connect and, to borrow the tagline from McDonalds, I’m lovin’ it! I am finding that I have to think a little bit differently to get my workflows to do what I want. My default logic is to step through [...]

May The Fourth – Yoda Translator

2022-05-04T09:14:35-04:00By |

Happy Star Wars Day! I found this Yoda Translator from funtranslations.com the other day and decided it was the perfect time of year to put out a fun demo file for Star Wars Day. All you have to do is type your text in the first field and click Translate to get the [...]

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