Why even small teams should be using a CRM

2020-07-07T10:01:08-04:00By |

Having the right customer relationship management (CRM) system will help your team and your business no end by streamlining processes and identifying leads as well as managing and storing your customer and lead information. All too often, smaller businesses feel they needn’t utilize a CRM as the team is able to manage without one. [...]

5 Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

2020-07-07T10:04:51-04:00By |

A huge number of us are now experiencing working from home for the first time, and not everyone is finding it a piece of cake. Even for remote working seasoned pros like us at The Scarpetta Group, it’s tough at times, especially in the current climate of uncertainty. Of course, when it comes to [...]

FileMaker Devcon 2019

2019-07-26T17:53:13-04:00By |

FileMaker Devcon 2019 The FileMaker Developer's Conference will be held in Orlando, FL at the Gaylord Palms Resort from August 5-8th. This will be my 18th consecutive Conference, over 20 years with FileMaker, and 11+ years as a company. We have been exhibitors at the conference for the past 6 years. We love catching [...]

9 Ways to Increase CRM User Adoption Rates

2019-05-28T14:11:07-04:00By |

A CRM is the hub of your organization, streamlining your business processes to increase productivity and sales. Most companies recognize the value of a CRM, and according to CRM Magazine, 91% of companies with 10 or more employees have a CRM. However, a study by Merkle Group Inc. found that CRM initiatives have a [...]

20 of the Best CRM Integrations to Get More From FileMaker

2019-04-29T12:25:19-04:00By |

A Filemaker-based CRM system is a powerful tool for managing relationships with customers, coordinating with fellow team members, and ultimately, helping to grow your business. Because it’s fully customizable, a FileMaker-based solution can include a variety of business tools, including: Contact management, with customer history and current status Project management, which includes organizing, prioritizing, [...]

Introducing Jarvis Thanos

2019-04-01T11:02:59-04:00By |

Introducing Jarvis Thanos Do you have a client with too much historical and outdated data? Are you short on space for archiving data? How would you like to randomly remove half of the data in a snap? We have a revolutionary new product that can do just that. Jarvis Thanos is for you. It [...]

Learn Your Functions – LayoutObjectNames

2019-03-15T08:42:41-04:00By |

Learn Your Functions - LayoutObjectNames How many of you have used the LayoutObjectNames function? If I’m being honest, I haven’t really used it much until the last year and what I have found is it is an awesome function to use. How does it work? First it requires the parameters for fileName and layoutName. [...]

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