Building, Growing, and Learning How to Become a More Proficient Developer

          Since I’ve started my coding journey back in college, I’ve always been eager to learn as many capabilities of programming that were exposed to me as possible. Logic never came easy to me, so documentation and abstraction became necessities the more I coded and worked with others on the same projects. Whenever I learn something new, I tend to adopt the same mentality as if I were learning how to code – I want to know how I can hone and perfect my new skill to be able to either help others or for my own personal development. Build.Grow.Learn was my first ever conference, and boy did I learn a lot about my current conventions and how to improve them while learning new skills along the way .

          I’ll admit – I’m a pretty big introvert. While I understood the importance of networking, I shifted my focus on learning as much as possible so I could take what I learned and vastly advance my growth as a developer. The first day was my personal favorite, as I learned how to integrate a skill I am already proficient in – JavaScript – with Filemaker. Learning how to use these two together gave me confidence to be a more efficient and valuable asset to my team. JavaScript is my favorite programming language as it is extremely versatile and makes function and variable customization limitless. Accompanying JavaScript with other useful tactics I learned such as integrating APIs and utilizing Claris Connect scripts was absolutely a game-changer for me. 

          As much as I learned about programming tools, I also learned non-technical skills such as conventions, management and scoping tactics. I recognized many terms and ideas from management and capstone classes I took during my time in college, and was excited to know that the content I learned was being carried over towards real-life business tactics. As someone who would like to eventually grow professionally, learning all facets of the development process inside and out was very insightful and important for me. 

          And yes, while networking was not my first priority, I did eventually bring myself out of my shell to have a couple strong conversations with those also either looking for knowledge or who spoke at the conference. I believe that this experience has invigorated my excitement for learning all that I can with Filemaker and development, and I absolutely recommend this opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about development and business practices from true veterans of development and entrepreneurship alike.