Cloud Availability and Price Changes for Award-Winning Jarvis CRM™

Simpsonville, South Carolina – February 1, 2019 – The Scarpetta Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that their flagship product Jarvis CRM is now available as Jarvis Cloud™ as another option to get started with Jarvis CRM.  Pricing has changed to per user to be in parity with FileMaker® Licensing.

“Jarvis Cloud makes it easier for companies to get up and running quickly and get down to business,” Scarpetta said. “We handle the setup, configuration, and provide initial training to make it a smooth transition.”

Jarvis Cloud differs from Jarvis CRM, where licensing starts at a single user, it includes FileMaker licensing and hosting from The Scarpetta Group. The value in Jarvis Cloud is that everything is setup for you. You have the award-winning interface, and all the features that make Jarvis CRM great. QuickBooks Online integration is also included at no additional charge. 

The Jarvis CRM platform differs from other FileMaker Integrated CRM’s, it is updated annually to coincide with new releases of The FileMaker Platform. As new features are added to Jarvis they are developed in a way to remain modern, both in structure and user interface.

“This is an exciting day for us. We will continue to move forward by building Jarvis on The FileMaker 17 Platform,” Scarpetta said. “It is truly the best Workplace Innovation Platform available, it allows us to innovate and build the future of Jarvis in ways we never dreamed of.”

Jarvis Cloud is for the company that wants to be up and running on a proven CRM within days, with an easy to use application. If at a later time a Jarvis Cloud customer desires customizations we can seamlessly move them to Jarvis CRM and FileMaker Annual Licensing. 

The Scarpetta Group, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner, is a team of experienced problem solvers, specializing in digital solutions that address our clients’ business process challenges and are easy for employees to learn and use. We offer a variety of off-the-shelf solutions, such as our award-winning CRM solution, Jarvis, but are just as comfortable designing a custom solution for our clients. We have built our reputation using Apple’s FileMaker database product as the backbone of our solutions and are among the top 10% of FileMaker developers in the world.


Joseph Scarpetta
The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

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