One of FileMaker 17’s new features is the built-in ability to create a Master/Detail view.  A Master/Detail view uses a portal to display the Master List and some detail fields of the selected portal record for a  full view of the data. In the past, app developers would have created Self-Joins, Portal Filters, etc. in order to accomplish this.  

In this example, I have a list of all the Cities in the United States.  

create a master/detail view

I also have a detail view that gives me more information on the selected city.

create a master/detail view in FileMaker 17

I could use the list view to get a found set of records and then navigate to the detail view, but I want to give my users a way to accomplish this on a single layout.

Enter the new “ Table Option” in the Portal setup Dialog.  On the detail view, I am going to draw a new portal and select “Current Table” from the “Show Records From” option.

I added a few fields to the portal.

Once I enter Browse Mode, I now have a fully function Master/Detail list in place with no Self-Joins or scripting!  Simply click on the portal row and the detail is updated to in the right panel.

I can also use a native Filemaker find on this layout to update my list.  In this case, I entered Find Mode and want to find all the cities in North Carolina, so I enter NC in the State Abbrev. Field and hit enter. Voila! My Portal will update with the complete found set.

Adding a simple scripted filter is easier now too!  I added a Global field for State with a pop-up menu values list of all the states.  I then added an onObjectModify Script Trigger to that field to perform a find on state. The end result is an easy way to filter the Master/Detail by State.

Another great new feature of Filemaker 17!