I realize it has been a couple quick weeks since the FileMaker Developer Conference ended, however I would like to share my opportunity to attend this conference thanks to The Scarpetta Group. It is amazing and exciting so many employers share this experience and educational opportunity with their newest employees. At the Women of FileMaker luncheon there were about a half dozen young professionals like myself who were new to FileMaker. We all appreciated the opportunity to interact with the women in this field.

Where to start? From the moment I landed in San Antonio Monday morning until leaving on Friday I was in a constant state of excitement and action. I was able to further my exposure to and knowledge of FileMaker and the FileMaker Community, began networking and had an awesome time doing it all! I am grateful for this opportunity.

From a newcomers perspective: the attendees, staff, and exhibitors were very friendly, the sessions were INFORMATIVE, the exhibitors had a lot to present, and the FileMaker staff was outstanding. I was impressed by the JW Marriott and the organization of the entire conference. After registration, I received my conference pass, FileMaker bag and goodies, and an informational booklet on the conference. I immediately started bookmarking the sessions I wanted to attend, those which were on the “Business Track” seeing as I am in Marketing.

I do not want to speak individually about each session because I could make a post about each one alone! I will say, the speakers were highly educated on their presentation topics. They had the proper charisma to keep the audience interacting and learning. I walked away from the sessions I attended with greater knowledge about each topic then I had before. I do want to share the names of the sessions I attended and give a shout out to the speakers for a job well done! Thank you for educating me on different topics.

Session (Speaker – Company)

  • On Boarding New Developers (Molly Connolly – Thorsen Consulting, Inc.)
  • Compelling New Features of FileMaker Go 13 (James Wesolowski – Colibri Solutions LLC)
  • 0-60: Starting and Growing Your Business as an Independent Consultant (James Medema – Surefoot Database Consulting)
  • The Business Case for FileMaker – A Sure Winner with the FileMaker 13 Platform (James Wesolowski – Colibri Solutions LLC)

When the session recordings are available online, I intend on watching all of them to learn about the other aspects of FileMaker (Core, Design, Mobility, Web, Innovation, Special Interest, and General) and not just Business.

The FileMaker community is friendly and everyone is genuine in their interest to advance the community as a whole.  I am thrilled to be a part of The Scarpetta Group and this industry!

I reflect on my time at the conference and wish I would have done some things differently. Mainly, I would have brought my time-turner so I could participate in everything. Don’t you wish you could be everywhere all at once? But on a serious note, I do wish I could have attended more sessions, talked to more people, and participated in more events. Next year, I look forward to planning my schedule down to the minute! Overall, FileMaker DevCon 2014 was a success. Thank you to the people at FileMaker for planning such a stimulating and educational conference.