FileMaker Business Alliance – Reseller

FileMaker Business Alliance Reseller

The Scarpetta Group maintains a Reseller designation with FileMaker. We have had the training needed to understand the licensing programs and are qualified to assist you with making the best decisions with your FileMaker Licensing needs. Additionally, we are able to quote your licenses and provide you with the best pricing possible. If you need assistance with your licensing or have questions contact us to discuss them and get a quote.

FileMaker Licensing?

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Why FileMaker?

FileMaker is our choice application for building custom applications. It is a powerful tool that allows us to streamline business processes by getting information into one place. Many businesses operate with data in multiple spreadsheets, email, documents, other systems and no easy way to find what you need when you need it. FileMaker gives us the power to easily bring these multiple systems together into one cohesive application.

Many businesses realize immediate ROI by utilizing FileMaker in their organizations. By building an application that allows data to be shared, creating workflows, and reports both time and money are saved by having the information necessary when and where it is needed. It furthers eliminates data entry errors that occur with duplicate data entry.

Integrating FileMaker to other systems such as SQL, Email Services, and websites further improves an organizations workflows by orders potentially flowing in directly from the website or getting data from other enterprise system.

We have seen these results in many companies over the years and continue to push the boundaries of FileMaker to achieve even further successes.

The FileMaker 17 Platform

The FileMaker Platform is a unified tool to help you quickly create and use custom apps that work the way you do. Organize contacts, track inventory, manage events, and much more. The same app works on your mobile device, computer, the web, and in the cloud.