Here is just a quick FYI about layout sizing with the iOS Status Bar in FileMaker Go.

Below is a screen shot from Using Screen Stencils to design iOS friendly layouts, a support document from FileMaker’s Support site. Click here to view the support article.


This table shows the height and width for all iOS layouts based on items that are turned on or off. In this post, I am only going to address the Status bar seeing as it was an issue that needed solved a project I was working on. It seems that by default, FileMaker Go on an iPad has the Status bar turned on. Meaning that if you want to create your layout based on Status Bar “On” and depending what you decide for the Toolbar which for my demo will be “Off”, that would leave me a layout size of 1024 x 717.

I have 2 images below, the first shows the layout with the Status Bar turned On and the second with it Off, both are sized 1024×717.



Notice the empty space at the bottom of the layout for the second image. If you size the layout to 1024×737 then you would get an image like the one below if the Status Bar is turned Off.


[border ] go_gear_settings

To toggle the Status Bar you are unable to use a script step to override it on open so the setting gets adjusted manually which is done by clicking the Gear looking icon in the top right while in FileMaker Go.[border ] After tapping the gear icon (shown above), a dialog window will pop up. It should look like the image inserted below.


In the dialog window tap on Settings and the toggle for the Status Bar is at the top as shown in the image below.

go_settings[space ]

One thing I realized when we noticed this pixel issue is we need to make sure the End User has the Settings correct to show the layout the way it was meant to be. If we were to design it with the Status Bar off there would have to be a small tutorial to just guide through shutting it off for the best experience.

Watch for more tips coming soon!

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