Jarvis CRM 5.0

The 2018 FileMaker Developers conference this year in Dallas, TX marks my 17th Conference in a row, over 20 years with FileMaker, and 10 years as a company. We have been exhibitors at the conference for the past 5 years  and last year we won “The FileMaker Business Alliance Design Excellence Award” for the interface in Jarvis CRM. All of the hard work has resulted in lots of amazing milestones.

One of these milestones is Jarvis CRM 5.0. Jarvis started out as an internal template / starter solution for us as a company to have. It was a solid code base and interface for us to start with and reference. It’s now grown to where it is today, making it a product worthy of purchase to both consumers and developers.

We are incredibly proud of this release. We really took the time to streamline the graph and solidify what we call Anchor Buoy 2.0 (Blog coming soon!). Hours were spent looking at trends in design. We used thicker fonts, slightly changed colors, and made minor modifications to the user interface to make it more efficient for users to work. All the design choices were focused around increasing productivity and of course, incorporating the great new features of FileMaker 17. Under the hood, we changed primary keys to use Get (UUIDNumber), as numerics are much faster within FileMaker for searches and joins.

We took advantage of the new Master Detail feature with portals. The task update below is one of my favorite features of Jarvis CRM 5.0. We added additional filter buttons to the top to quickly find other tasks statuses. It’s even integrated to Slack for reminders or a click on the calendar icon, will set a reminder in the calendar for you. You can choose how to be reminded of your tasks and quickly view them on every layout.  

Jarvis Task Window

This modification was all part of moving the current user options to a user menu on the top right, accessible on each layout. The button just to the left of the User avatar is My Tasks as seen above. Clicking on the user avatar from any layout in Jarvis CRM, automatically goes to the logged in user dashboard.

Jarvis User Window

Other new features are the embedded charts (no web server required) with many calendar updates on the web side. All of the updates increase performance and no longer require installing files on your webserver. It’s all covered under Jarvis CRM 5.0. Set up preferences to track sales goals to actual performance organized by each user on your sales team. The combo of goals and activities now determines and details the full performance and effectiveness of a sales person.

Most of the updates in Jarvis CRM 5.0 were focused around Projects. Including  new charting, updated gantt chart, project templates, and project risks.

Jarvis CRM Projects Jarvis CRM Projects Risks

Below please find the fully updated and interactive gantt chart.

Jarvis CRM Gantt Chart

My favorite new feature in Jarvis CRM 5.0 focuses on Scheduling and Capacity Planning. The toughest job for any company, regardless of size or industry, is capacity planning. Who is available? Followed by another common question, of who has time? This new interface lets you view multiple calendars in a second window while planning out the tasks of a project. Capacity displays weeks of the year and show hours available to each  person for that week. Now your questions are answered in a couple of clicks.

Jarvis CRM Scheduler

This release incorporates over 50 new features and small changes to improve usability, overall speed and performance.

Instead of spoiling more of the new features here, stop by our Booth #2 at #FileMakerDevCon next week at the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas, TX or drop by the site: https://jarviscrm.com.

We will be demoing features throughout the week and you can contact us in advance to schedule one.

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Looking forward to seeing you there,

– Joe

Joe Scarpetta
The Scarpetta Group, Inc.
FileMaker Certified Developer