Las Vegas—July 18, 2016—The Scarpetta GroupTM, Inc. announced today that they would be releasing an update to Jarvis CRM to V3, a full-featured business solution.

Jarvis is a full-featured business solution for desktop, mobile and web. Built on the FileMaker 15 platform, it runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and in a web browser. Jarvis was carefully designed based on applications that have been built over the years with common elements that all businesses need. Jarvis CRM is the future of software development and design, The Scarpetta GroupTM, Inc. intends to lead the industry and bring only the best to this amazing solution.

For Developers, Jarvis is a great base solution for a developer looking to get a jump start on a project. It was designed with the core functionality needed for nearly all businesses.

When investing in the right CRM, consider the following: annual cost, implementation cost and time, mobility, integration to existing systems, user adoption, automation, scalability, and customization. Jarvis CRM’s simple user interface is easy to adopt and implement. Optimized for the FileMaker 15 Platform, Jarvis CRM is simple, intuitive, and maintains important and valuable information about customers while being customizable and highly scalable.

Jarvis CRM V3 includes:

New Features:

  • Calendar – Incredible new calendar for projects and events, including user specific, multiple views (day, week, month, and agenda)
  • Gantt – New Look
  • New Charts and Graphs
  • Simplified Relationship Graph – designed with future development in mind.
  • More Modular Scripting
  • Contact Module
  • Expense Tracking
  • Updated iPad and iPhone Interfaces.


  • Customizable Navigation
  • Multi-Level Security Features
  • More Default Settings
  • Simple Marketing Module – for exporting users to a file for import to email programs


  • Activities Specific to Individual
  • Track the company history for each contact
  • Follow their purchases and leads regardless of company

Activity Tracking:

  • Track Contact Activities
  • Schedule follow-up calls and view on user dashboard

Products and Services:

  • Manage your product or service offerings in an easy-to-use interface
  • View your product inventory in real-time with visual reminders

Invoicing and Payments:

  • Easily create ad-hoc invoices or create an invoice from a quote
  • Enter Payment Information

Sales Orders:

  • Attach Files to a Sales Order
  • Shipping module lets you ship items in stock while maintaining back order
  • Invoice as you ship items in stock or once everything has shipped

Project Overview:

  • Fully integrated project management tools including project milestones and related tasks
  • Easier than ever to manage and track project progress with task assignments and milestone progress meters

Purchase Orders:

  • Create, view, print, and email purchase orders for your vendors


  • Easily build quotes from managed products or services
  • Quickly convert quotes to an invoice once your customer places the order

User Dashboard:

  • NEW! Calendar shows user’s events and tasks.
  • Activity Management
  • Expense Tracking – receipts and miles.
  • Time Tracking – by project or as a weekly time clock.
  • Open Quotes and Invoices to manage workflow and A/R
  • New HR Module – basic features to track important information about employees

Visit The Scarpetta GroupTM, Inc. at The FileMaker Developer Conference to learn more about Jarvis CRM V3. They will be located in the Gracia Ballroom at booth 122. View a complete list of features at to see how Jarvis CRM can benefit your company.


Jarvis CRM is fully unlocked and has three commercial price points:

Product                      Users              Price

Small Biz                     1-5                   $1249

Medium Biz                6-10                 $2199

Site License                 Unlimited        $3799

*Note: FileMaker software not included. A separate license is required for those wishing to modify charts, graphs, calendar and Gantt chart code.  


The Scarpetta Group, Inc. observed trends in what their partners wanted from their database systems. They found themselves repeatedly creating similar solutions, so they decided to create one product, Jarvis CRM that would satisfy the needs of a wide variety of clients, and be easy to customize. The functionality and new features of FileMaker Pro 15 allowed The Scarpetta Group to to provide a modest update to Jarvis CRM. Pricing will be released on July 18th, 2016 at and

About The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

The Scarpetta Group, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner. We are a team of highly skilled certified developers that have produced hundreds of applications for numerous companies in diverse industries. Building strong relationships with great people is our strength in building a successful application. Knowing our partners, their goals and their businesses allows us to focus on what they need the most and produce the best FileMaker application to span desktop, web, and mobile needs. The skill sets include FileMaker (over 15 years of experience), Web (jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, MySQL) and Mobile (Strong User Interface and Experience Design). Our unprecedented passion is for creating applications that are beautiful, easy to use and highly productive. These applications produce measurable cost savings for our partners, which is very important to us. Our core product, Jarvis CRM, is a reflection of our combined passions, skills, experience and many late nights creating the best for those we work for. Come visit us to learn more about us as a company and the ways we can help you, whether it is with training, coaching, application development, web or mobile development.

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