Manage Customer Relationships More Effectively with Jarvis CRM

Jarvis CRM makes it easy to manage and automate the sales and customer service processes.

Jarvis, Award-Winning CRM, Gives You Full Control Over Relationship Management

Jarvis makes relationship management and automation simple, especially when it comes to nurturing leads and prospects, closing sales, and creating loyal customers. Jarvis will integrate with a variety of databases and software systems, and it has a built-in standard integration with MailChimp. Jarvis allows you to quickly and easily create proposals, contracts, and invoices from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, in any location. Accomplish all your tasks quickly and easily in one application.

Jarvis is a full-featured system that runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and in a web browser.

Relationship Management Features in Jarvis

Jarvis CRM is rich with features that make relationship management and post-sale customer relationship management simple. Automate processes, access data, and view flexible reports that enable you to make smart decisions for your business.

  • View charts and graphs with clean design
  • Enjoy intuitive organization and navigation
  • Quick-add contacts and addresses
  • Create opportunities, quotes, invoices, sales orders, projects
  • Manage companies with ease
  • Know how your contacts are performing at a glance
  • Lead management
  • Groups management for email campaigns (built-in integration with MailChimp)
  • Task management, auto create activities and follow-up tasks
  • All new data visualizations for email statistics from MailChimp
  • Quick view email
  • Manage other campaigns, like phone, or mailings
  • Create yearly marketing plans and touchpoints

When The Scarpetta Group designs and builds your custom software solution, you partner with a team that has over 25 years of experience helping companies and organizations to be more efficient. The result is cost savings and greater profitability.

We’re a Claris Platinum Partner. This special recognition is awarded by Claris for achievements in development, innovation, design, advocacy, training, and certification. We create beautifully-designed applications that are easy for your staff to use, with the exact functionality you need.

Industry Experience

We’ve worked with companies and organizations in a variety of industries, designing and building customized CRM solutions.

  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Non-Profits
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Service Industries