How does it work?

Perform Script and Perform Script on Server were updated to allow selecting From list or By name. 

From list allows selecting from scripts as normal. But By name allows you to specify a the script name using the Calculation Dialog so it will accept calculations for the script name as seen in the above image.

The plus symbol above the portals passes the script name as a script parameter through the button calling the script New Record – Controller.

The New Record – Controller script runs either the New Record – Company or New Record – Contact script. Both of which are simple scripts to create a record and end up back at the portal row.

Here is the New Record – Company and how the parameter is set.

This is the New Record – Contact script and button setup.

That’s how it works! Enter your info below to get the download and have a good rest of the week.

    – James

    James Scarpetta
    The Scarpetta Group, Inc.
    FileMaker 17 Certified Developer