Manage Projects and Optimize Productivity with Jarvis CRM

Boost your team’s productivity with easy-to-use project management tools.

Jarvis Offers a Full Suite of Project Management Tools

Improve your team’s productivity and facilitate your projects easily with Jarvis. Project management has never been simpler with tools including project templates, project planning, data visualizations, Slack integration, and time/expense tracking associated with each project. Accomplish all your tasks, such as sending invoices for each project, quickly within the application. Jarvis CRM is easily customizable, allowing you to mold it exactly to fit the precise needs of your business.

Your team will stay productive no matter where their work takes them, since Jarvis is a full-featured system that runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and in a web browser. In 2017, the Scarpetta Group was awarded FileMaker’s Business Alliance Excellence Award for Jarvis’s design.

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Project Management Features in Jarvis

Jarvis allows your team to operate efficiently and effectively. It has all the features you need to streamline and automate your processes and view project information at a glance.

  • Charts and graphs with clean design, including simplified Gantt chart
  • Intuitive organization and navigation
  • Data visualizations
  • Project risks and planning
  • Notebooks to take notes formatted the way you want
  • Settings tab to define project roles
  • Built-in Slack integration
  • Project templates
  • Scheduler calendar and capacity planning
  • Track time and expenses against the project
  • Create invoices for project

Claris Platinum Partner

The Scarpetta Group has extensive experience helping organizations streamline their operations. For over 20 years, we’ve worked with companies in a variety of industries. If you choose to customize Jarvis for your company’s unique processes, you’ll be working with a partner with the skills and expertise to customize the ideal solution for your organization.

We’re a Claris Platinum Partner, a status awarded by Claris for achievements in development, innovation, design, advocacy, training, and certification. We create and customize intuitive applications that are easy for you and your staff to use, with the exact functionality you need.

Industry Experience

We’ve worked with companies and organizations in a variety of industries, designing and building customized CRM solutions.

  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Non-Profits
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Service Industries




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