Let me preface this first by saying, I’m not from a technical background. I was in education management for over 15 years and did a lot of work with improving business efficiencies and reducing/eliminating redundancies. Now, I have changed my career path into pursuing FileMaker Development. Throughout this transition, I commonly hear the question, why Claris FileMaker? If you are going to change your career path and move into a technical field, why would you choose FileMaker instead of PHP, Javascript, SQL, or a dozen other more commonly used options?

I see the answer as part of the question. I’m switching careers! Again, I’m not technical, so switching into a heavy coding option would be a difficult move for me to make. However, Claris FileMaker is a phenomenal no code / low code option. It was the perfect platform for me to get my feet wet in making some low code changes in an existing solution that then had a HUGE impact on the business’s efficiency (which increased their profitability). As silly as it sounds, I “fell in love” with the Claris Platform because it was so easy to use. I could make a big impact on company productivity in a matter of days.

In this video, I share some of the changes I was able to make for my former employer.


In the past year (since the work was done for this video), I have continued to build my skills and now I’ve even written my first API integration using Postman and Claris FileMaker. With the help of my Women Innovating Together in FileMaker (WITfm) Mentor and the Claris Community at large, I went from a citizen developer to a Software Developer (and Project Manager) with a Claris Platinum Partner. I truly believe that I could not have come this far this fast using any other platform.

In our ever-changing world today, businesses need a way to make changes quickly and economically. Especially with how the pandemic has made some changes necessary overnight! IT departments are backed up and telling the business they can’t get to their new initiatives for a year or more, but businesses need to respond to change on the ground faster than that. Claris FileMaker empowers everyone, especially non-IT staff to make those changes as fast as they are needed.

What makes Claris FileMaker even better? It’s not JUST for those citizen developers! Bring us your Javascript, PHP, and SQL developers…there’s room here for you too! The Scarpetta Group’s Jarvis CRM is a perfect example of this blend. It’s the perfect solution for companies who need a customized CRM or combination CRM/ERP solution, since it’s both flexible and easy to modify and its integration options are limitless.

Contact us to learn more about Jarvis and get a demo, or get started with a free trial here.

I’m a firm believer in the Claris Platform and it has changed my life (and career path). Even if you aren’t looking to change your career path, Claris FileMaker can help improve your business’s efficiency. Are you ready for that first step?

Beth Murillo

Software Developer / Project Manager

The Scarpetta Group, Inc.