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Creating a Next Call Reminder

FileMaker is awesome. Over 20 million units in 15 languages are in the hands of organizations through out the world. FileMaker is at home on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Downloads of FileMaker Go have exceeded 1,000,000. If you have FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced their are 16 starter solutions professionally prepared [...]

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From Starter Solution to Relational Database

Today we will explore the option of using the contacts starter solution that comes with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced and expanding it to meet our needs. In short we will expand the Contacts Template to a Relational Database. On March 12th. we briefly discussed what an awesome job FileMaker has accomplished with the [...]

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FileMaker Pro Function Review—Auto-Enter Serial Number

FileMaker Pro Function Review—Auto-Enter Serial Number You may have previously seen our blog posts that focused on reviewing FileMaker Pro functions. We have decided to turn this into a series that will post on a bi-weekly basis. These function posts are targeted to our beginner FileMaker friends, but anyone interested in refreshing their knowledge on the various functions of [...]

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Text Formatting Using Auto-Enter Calculations in FileMaker

What you should know before reading this post: Be familiar with the FileMaker software Know how to add an Auto-Enter Calculation Auto-Enter Calculations can make your solution easier to use and defend your solution's users from unintended problems with their data. This week, I will share with you three simple, easy to use FileMaker functions [...]

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Time Saving Tips: Using Field Picker in FileMaker® Pro 13

Highlighted FileMaker Pro 13 Tool: Field Picker About The Field Picker tool sits atop many people's 'favorite new tools' list for tools introduced in FileMaker Pro 13. Field Picker is a fan-favorite because it allows a user to easily place fields on a layout with or without labels and place fields in a row or stacked. With Field [...]

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Function Review: Get(WindowMode)

This week we want to review Get(WindowMode) that was introduced in FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier. As you know it returns 0 for Browse Mode, 1 for Find Mode, 2 for Preview Mode, 3 if printing is in progress and 4 (FileMaker Pro Advanced) if evaluating the function from the Data Viewer and the current [...]

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