Build. Grow. Learn. From the Ground, Up

In 2007, I began to work in my first job using computers. I didn’t grow up with one in my house and when we did get one, it was a glorified typewriter. My brother created my first email address (aside from my work one that I received at the same time), and away we went. Computers just make sense – even when they don’t respond the way you are expecting, I can usually figure out how to get to the expected behavior. During the next 10 years, I got to watch my brother build his first database in FileMaker and was fascinated. I used that database every day to do my job. 

Fast forward 17 years – I started working with The Scarpetta Group two years ago, and I got to attend my very first FileMaker (and business) conference with them – Build. Grow. Learn. Not only that, alongside my brother too. I mostly do project management, but have increasingly started doing development. So to say the conference was intense for me doesn’t do it justice.  There were so many great sessions on both the business and the development side. I would have attended more if I could have. But being so new at developing, I am building from the ground up. 

I had the opportunity to attend Jeremey Brown’s Learn, Do, Grow: JS in FM. It was incredible. This was an all day class on the pre-conference day. Jeremey did a great job in working with the different levels in the class, not to mention the multitude of materials available to continue to grow with that knowledge when the class was over. Next up was a day of diverse sessions with Claris – Building Customer Relationships with Lindsey Smith, where being able to communicate with customers leads to building a better customer relationship and better connections. Following Lindsey was James Scarpetta on API Adventures and Beth Murillo with High and Low Tech Solutions Powered by Claris Connect. And that was just day one. 

Day two started with seeing the insights of Joe Scarpetta on scoping and documentation. Molly Connolly talking about Project Roadmaps and System Integration: Using the Right Tool for the Job, and followed by none other than my brother Josh Ormond with Crafting Code with Clarity:  The Role of Expressiveness and Documentation. There were several sessions I wish I could have attended, if I could only be in two places at the same time. 

Having lunch at the conference with everyone was a great opportunity to meet everyone, hear their stories, share your own, and network with everyone. Many of the attendees enjoyed the night out on the town in Greenville while others used the courtyard to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather. Enjoying the camaraderie with everyone in such a setting really allowed for great networking opportunities while also lending to great way to build, grow, and learn from those in attendance. I am looking forward to next year when my foundation has grown, and seeing those we met again.