Are you looking for a way to manage your business that will free you from staring at spreadsheets all day? A solution that will help you better see what is happening with your business and help you figure out where you need to spend your time each day? Then l have a solution for you: Jarvis! Jarvis is both a CRM and an ERP and it can be customized to your needs.

What’s the difference between a CRM and an ERP, you ask? Here’s a quick definition and visualization of the two

I’ve seen countless companies try to manage a small or medium sized business trying to use only free/cheap resources, like spreadsheets. While spreadsheets are invaluable when you are just getting started and have little to no budget, the more you grow, the more you need to step away from them and find a more effective tool.

Are you wondering how a CRM can help you increase your revenue?

One company I worked for used spreadsheets to manage potential clients. They had a separate sheet for each type of client (i.e. schools, non-profits, businesses) and kept their notes on call history/status there on those sheets. Sometimes they would need to follow up on their cold calls again in a couple days (contact was out sick), weeks (contact is traveling and/or on vacation), or months (not interested now, but check back in the summer). However, since that status and followup note was written there on that spreadsheet, there was no reminder for them to do so. Thus, they would find those notes the next time they opened the spreadsheet, which could be weeks or months AFTER they were supposed to follow up, which resulted in delayed or lost sales.

If you know the basics of sales, you know that it takes an average of 8 POCs (points of contact – email, phone call, meet and greet, personal referral, etc) to get an initial meeting with a new prospect. If you are spreading those POCs out over months, instead of days or weeks, you are limiting your revenue potential.

How can a CRM and/or ERP can help you find freedom?

By using Jarvis’ CRM functionality…

  • All types of contacts can be in one place – with tags or filters, if you need to see only a single type at a time
  • Your notes for each point of contact can also be follow up tasks – no more forgetting to follow up on time (A)
  • Your appointments and tasks for the day are on your dashboard – know what your priorities are for the day (B&C)
  • Any open opportunity, quote, or project is on your dashboard – see what might need attention now (or soon) (D)

Are you managing a sales team and need to know who is/isn’t making their target outreach and/or cold calls in a week? We’ve got you covered – right there on the left panel on the dashboard for each user.

You don’t want to use projects, but you need to know what’s going on with your purchase orders every day? No problem! We can customize that dashboard for you by swapping out projects for open purchase orders.

Make the decision to take your business to the next level, free up your time, and increase revenue. Free Jarvis Demo and/or 14 day Trial here!

Do you need help figuring out exactly what it is that you need for your company? Reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!

Beth Murillo, Software Developer & Project Manager

The Scarpetta Group