What a way to Celebrate 30 Years of FileMaker with The FileMaker 14 Platform!

Cheers to the Team at FileMaker! They have really knocked this one out of the park! This is one seriously FAST and feature packed release.

Let’s start with Speed:

64-Bit, yes our desktops will be cruising along with the fastest architecture currently available.

Top Features in FileMaker Pro 14 and FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced.

  • Launch Center
  • Script Workspace
  • Specify Calculation Dialog Box
  • Launch Center
  • Button bar
  • Button icons
  • Top and bottom navigation parts
  • In-Field Labels
  • Keychain
  • Reconnect to server

Top Features in FileMaker Go

  • New User Interface
  • Launch Center
  • Insert bar code
  • Reich text editing
  • Set Screen orientation
  • Enhanced signature capture
  • Video and Audio playback control
  • Enable touch keyboards

Top Features in FileMaker Server

  • Reconnect to Server
  • Security Enhancements
  • Standby Server

Top Features in FileMaker WebDirect

  • New Toolbar
  • Performance Improvements, up to 25% Faster
  • URL Parameters

Quick Review:

The FileMaker 14 Platform is again a major game changer. From the user perspective, with new features like the launch center it will be easier to locate your favorite FileMaker applications, and have some significant faster processing power with finds and sorts across large sets of data. From the Developer point of view, the new script workspace is worth it’s weight in gold!


The calculation dialog also received a very similar treatment. Colors and type ahead to select script steps are a major productivity boost. WebDirect was my focus, not only significantly faster, layouts render as you would expect, buttons with centered text just work with out having to fix them. Popover menus that are layered over web viewers are working correctly now. WebDirect now works on mobile browsers, including Chrome 38 on Android. I know I’m a Mac Guy through and through, but we do have windows customers.

While this is short, it is the prelude to lot’s of great blogs in the coming days and weeks detailing all of these great features. Keep your eyes open for them.

Whats Next?

If you currently have an Annual Subscription to FileMaker or have maintenance on your licenses, then FileMaker will be sending you a link to download your upgrades as quickly as they can push out the millions of licenses around the world. I am also sitting here waiting patiently, sort of, want it now.

Once you receive your links give us a call 877-501-8038 and schedule some time with us to get the upgrades in place to your servers and your desktops. Then let’s talk about how this release of the FileMaker 14 Platform is yet another game changer for your business, with connectivity via WebDirect and extending your reach with FileMaker Go.

Thank you again to the Team at FileMaker, Happy Birthday!


Joe Scarpetta