If you have not upgraded your FileMaker Licenses to FileMaker 13, the time is now. Effective June 28, 2014 FileMaker renewal rates will increase by about 15%. As of September 26, 2014 FileMaker will no longer offer discounted upgrade pricing.

Why is Maintenance Important?

A maintenance contract keeps you current with your licensing, so as new versions are released you receive them automatically as an electronic download. Keeping maintenance up-to-date will keep you from having to pay full price for licenses in the future. It also allows you to decide when you want to upgrade to the new version and we can help you plan for that. Let Us Help You Renew Now.

As an authorized reseller of FileMaker Licenses, we can assist you by:

  • Extending your current maintenance contracts, with no penalty, even if you do it early.
  • Adding licenses to your existing contracts, allowing you to take advantage of current cost savings at a special promo price through June 27th, 2014.
  • Putting you on a maintenance plan if you have a recently expired contract. So you can save now, where licenses will not be discounted upgrades after September, 26, 2014.

Contact Us Today for Licensing Needs, and let us help you Save! Need to convert a FileMaker Database to a current version? Need some Coaching? We do that too!

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