A study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12 percent boost in productivity, while unhappy workers were 10 percent less productive. The research team stated, “We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings.”

We’ve all heard it said, a happy team is a productive team, but it could be viewed from the other perspective. Often, being productive gives us a huge boost and increases positivity, so how can we help instil this mentality in our teams?

Happy workers = productive = feel engaged and motivated (more sales, more revenue)

Unhappy workers = low productivity = feel disengaged and even demotivated (fewer sales, more costs)

Give them the right tools for the job

It’s often HOW we do things that matters in terms of efficiency and in order to achieve this, your team needs the right tools for the job.

Jarvis CRM will help with streamlining your processes, increasing productivity and therefore likely enhancing the happiness of your team. If you don’t have organized data, an easy to use CRM, clear goals, communicated targets etc, then you won’t have an organized, slick, and productive workforce.

When we talk about automating processes and streamlining, we often look at it from the customers’ point of view, however, your INTERNAL customer (your team) undoubtedly need consideration. In order to be beneficial to the customer, your systems need to make processes simpler and therefore more ‘user friendly’. This provides a boost in productivity and client care which is another check in the customer box! Happy staff = happy customer! Check out the other benefits of automating your processes here.


When you have teams that work towards a set of joint goals, it’s key that they are working together in unison. So many companies talk about this and then so little emphasis is placed on putting clear, easy methods in place to allow this collaboration.

It ultimately leads to:
• higher lead to sale conversions
• time savings
• fewer errors

All by:
• improving communication
• having standard operating procedures
• clear workflows that everyone follows

Imagine your customer information in a spreadsheet. One person updates and saves to desktop, another does the same, before you know it you have 17 copies of the document with varying information and the same customer at 3 different stages of your sales funnel depending on which team member you ask. Keep it specific, keep it standardized, keep it simple and have it in one CRM that updates centrally.

Automate processes

The benefits of automating your processes are endless, you reduce costs, time spent on manual tasks, reduce errors, standardize practice and procedure, increase productivity (thanks to a happy team) and this always leads to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue.

If the ‘manual’ tasks of your team’s day are halved by automation, your team are free to address more revenue-generating activities and tasks. Your managers can lead, your team members have space to develop, and you grow your internal talent. You’re free to focus on NEW leads, expanding areas of the business, world domination (if you so desire). When you have small manual tasks you usually have a lot of them, which means a lot of time and often errors. But consider, the person doing them may feel stifled and robotic which can mean they take a stifled and robotic approach to the rest of their work. If they are freed up some time and provided with a solution that eliminates the robotic feeling, there is space to be more forward-thinking, proactive, and provide better service levels.

Training and support

A team that trains together stays together. Often companies look on training and development as a checkbox, or something that they SHOULD be doing but never seem to find the time. However, a team who follows a clear development plan offers many benefits.

Firstly, they are likely to be happier, which we know means more productive. They feel more in control of what they are doing, they feel invested in and they feel knowledgeable. This gives them the motivation, skills, and knowledge to excel, driving efficiency and productivity. You are also more likely to retain these staff members and we know recruitment is expensive (replacing a team member usually costs around 20% of that position’s annual salary).

Once you build a culture of training, learning support, and development, you build a culture where an employee can ask questions, input ideas, talk openly about the struggles, barriers, and blockers to further improvements. This culture means opportunities are spotted earlier and supported. Systems and processes work quicker and can adapt when needed because people are knowledgeable and engaged with the process.

Incentives and rewards

Being recognized for contribution is one of the highest motivators for a lot of people, and most don’t even realise it until they are seemingly overlooked. Engaging the workforce with easy to use systems, a great CRM, slick processes, and streamlined procedures help and supports them to deliver. And remember, when they deliver, they are happy! You can enforce that happiness by recognizing team members’ contributions and outstanding hard work. They will feel valued, validated, and motivated to do more. It also boosts those around them who are looking to seek that recognition and reward.

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