Learn about FileMaker Go while playing “The Game” at FileMaker Devcon 2013.

This is the first year The Scarpetta Group is exhibiting at the FileMaker Developers Conference. As a successful team of expert FileMaker developers, we decided to showcase FileMaker Go and it’s abilities through an alternate reality game. The Game started as idea (dream) that I woke up with. A crazy idea to engage people in interacting with each other as well as The Scarpetta Group team. These ideas will play out in The Game. It starts with a story (the dream) that is time released in segments at different times of the day ending with a cliff hanger and questions about FileMaker Go and the FileMaker product line, a couple of geocaches, and easter eggs. It will be interactive, cheesy, geeky, and we know it — it’s intentional. The goal is for everyone involved to have fun. There will be a t-shirt give-away, and other small random prizes all leading up to the final drawing. The more a player participates in the game, the more entries they will earn.

The twist is that we are not revealing the location of the drawing, and participants must be present to win. An image will reveal itself based on successfully completing game challenges over the course of the conference. We do not know where it is yet, and it is subject to change. Other things will also happen through email and SMS text messages. Since it is a drawing, anyone can walk up to us before the drawing time (TBD) and enter. The drawing will also happen in FileMaker — no paper.

Our top prize is a 32GB iPad mini with 1 year of insurance from Mobile Rhino. An Apple TV and coaching time will be given away as prizes for runners up.

To play, participants will need to download FileMaker Go to an iOS device with GPS capabilities. They will then need to go to The Game website http://thegame.scarpettagroup.com and download the iOS configuration file that will open the hosted FileMaker solution. They will sign-up in the FileMaker Go application. Portions of The Game may change or be added at any time. Simply put, there is no other application that this could have been built in in the short amount of time we have had. It really reminded us how FileMaker shines in its abilities for rapid deployment and flexibility.

Major Features it will focus on include:

Location services

  • Security (The Game only can be played on an iPhone or iPad.)
  • Signature capture
  • Photos
  • Sounds
  • Social media

Come visit us at our booth! You won’t be able to miss it. It’s going to be a bit “timey-wimey,” you might say. Come talk to us about all the cool stuff we are doing for our clients.

Have fun, and don’t blink!