We had a blast at the FileMaker Developer Conference, and judging from the many comments we received, so did the people who played The Game on FileMaker Go.

We developed The Game as a way to showcase the potential of FileMaker Go and to show off the skill of our FileMaker developers. The Game pushed the limits of  FileMaker Go’s capabilities for graphics, data entry, geocaching, signature capture, photo capture, and mobile device optimization. It was the perfect way to bring something amazing to the conference and highlight what we can do for clients.

If you read our last post, you know that The Game was based on a story Joe Scarpetta dreamed, a fictional take on a Doctor Who adventure. We went all-out at the conference, with a life-sized TARDIS at the booth and over $1000 in prizes.

We had 61 players competing for the main prizes of an iPad mini, an Apple TV, and coaching time, as well as prizes along the way, like t-shirts and Starbucks cards. The main prizes were given in drawings at the end of the conference. To win these prizes, players earned entries into the drawings by completing game challenges to earn codes that unlocked sections of the game. Bonus entries and the other prizes were earned with text message challenges and geocaching excursions.

It was a game for geeks, so what better place to launch it than at DevCon?

People responded better than we could have imagined, giving us great feedback, writing articles about it, and interviewing us. We had people asking us if we’d hired an ad agency!

We had so much fun with it that we’re going to do a Part 2 next year. So mark it on your calendars.

We’re keeping The Game live for a month, if you want to check it out.