Let’s start the workweek with a formatting tip we have found helpful here at The Scarpetta Group! This “Time Saving Tip” is about formatting on checkbox and radio button sets. This tip is one we have recently discovered and found helpful, so we would like to share it with our followers.
How many times do you find yourself only needing one selection from a radio button or checkbox and it appears as Figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1: Standard Radio Check Button

Problem: If you are like me, you have found yourself re-sizing this field containing the radio button or checkbox until you get the field to just where you cannot see the set value.
Solution: I have found that adding Padding to the left of the field results in the value (“1” as seen in Figure 1.1) moving away further from the actual radio button or checkbox.
Note: In Figure 1.2 the standard padding assigned to radio button or checkbox field is a value of 4. This is the standard padding associated with the field for the theme I am using for the value set.

Figure 1.2: Standard Padding on a Check Radio Button

[space]I have changed the left padding to 10. You can see the results in Figure 1.4.

Figure 1.3: Padding of 10 on a Radio Check Button


Figure 1.4: Padding of 10 on a Radio Check Button Results

[space]Adding a left padding of 10 will make it easier for you to scale down or re-size the width of the field as shown in Figures 1.5. Figure 1.6 shows the field with a left padding of 10, scaled down and in Browse mode.


Figure 1.5: Padding of 10 Scaled Down


Figure 1.6: Padding of 10, Scaled Down in Browse Mode

[space]As always, be on the look for future posts. Thanks and have a great week!

– James

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