About James Scarpetta

James’ focus is designing beautiful FileMaker layouts. He has strong skills with integrations to accounting systems and translating business requirements to a successful user experience. When not building applications you can find him behind his camera.
Please feel free to email me with any questions.

The Build.Grow.Learn. Experience

The Build.Grow.Learn Experience - James' Recap           This time of year in Greenville is perfect for an event and living down here made it very convenient for me to attend. However, I don't recommend the pollen, and if you attended then you know what I mean! The area has [...]

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May The Fourth – Yoda Translator

Happy Star Wars Day! I found this Yoda Translator from funtranslations.com the other day and decided it was the perfect time of year to put out a fun demo file for Star Wars Day. All you have to do is type your text in the first field and click Translate to get the [...]

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Introducing Jarvis Thanos

Introducing Jarvis Thanos Do you have a client with too much historical and outdated data? Are you short on space for archiving data? How would you like to randomly remove half of the data in a snap? We have a revolutionary new product that can do just that. Jarvis Thanos is for you. It [...]

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Learn Your Functions – LayoutObjectNames

Learn Your Functions - LayoutObjectNames How many of you have used the LayoutObjectNames function? If I’m being honest, I haven’t really used it much until the last year and what I have found is it is an awesome function to use. How does it work? First it requires the parameters for fileName and layoutName. [...]

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Perform Script by Script Name in FileMaker® 17

How does it work? Perform Script and Perform Script on Server were updated to allow selecting From list or By name.  From list allows selecting from scripts as normal. But By name allows you to specify a the script name using the Calculation Dialog so it will accept calculations for the script [...]

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Show Custom Dialog Variables in FileMaker® 17

FileMaker 17 was officially announced last week, and there are some pretty cool new features to share. I’m going to highlight the Show Custom Dialog Variables, now updated for the use of variables or fields, which should be a time saver for you. So how many of us have been using global fields to enter [...]

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Clean UI Can Be Functional

FileMaker DevCon ended a few weeks ago and what an awesome honor to have received the FileMaker Business Alliance Excellence Award for Design on Jarvis CRM. Go check out the post on  FileMaker Developer Conference 2017 to see photos and read a little about it. Coming off that, I wanted to share a design [...]

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JSON Transactional Edits in FileMaker 16

FileMaker 16 was announced this morning and I'm excited to show you a couple of things it can do. You may remember a couple of posts: FileMaker User Interface Design - Time for a change and Contextual Mode Shifting - It's a Thing! Both Techniques showed us how to have a cleaner design in "Browse [...]

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