Customer relationships should be your number one priority, the customer, after all, is the one keeping your business alive.

Having a solid CRM in place in order to manage your customer relationships is vital and Jarvis CRM boasts the ability to store and manage your customer information as well as automate and streamline processes.

We’ve compiled our top tips for building and maintaining your customer relationships.


Communication is key. Right from your very first interaction, your customer is sussing you out.

Listen and understand what your customer wants. Emphasize this understanding by confirming and repeating back what it is the customer is asking for. Empathize if they have an issue and acknowledge that issue. Make sure they know you are taking them seriously.

Summarize what your next actions are going to be. Tell the customer when to expect a call back or email. Manage their expectations and keep them informed of the next stage of the process.

Respond in a prompt and timely manner. When a customer contacts your business, they want to feel valued and important. Ensure they feel respected by responding on time or in a timely manner when they have initiated contact with you.

Follow up on your conversation. Send them a quick email to see how they found the process, ask them if they need anything further from you, perhaps ask for feedback.

Show Expertise

Your customer will want to feel the person they are dealing with has the necessary knowledge to handle their inquiry. Make sure your team are fully trained in product knowledge and have access to all the customer information. Referencing previous communications will show the team member knows and understands the customer.

Build Trust

Building trust can be as simple as the points made above. If you make a promise to your customer, keep it. Be knowledgeable, empathize where necessary, follow up.

Relevant Marketing

The beauty of utilizing a CRM is that you can hold and access a vast amount of customer information, meaning you can send marketing relevant to that particular customer. No one likes to be bombarded with information they don’t need or understand. Manage your database in such a way that the campaigns you deliver are meaningful to that specific customer.

Go the Extra Mile

Going above and beyond for a customer can really make all the difference. Treat every customer as if they are your most important one and they will feel valued. Take personal responsibility for the customers you interact with and ensure they know you are their ‘go-to’ person. They will be much more likely to purchase and recommend you to others.

Implement a CRM

Having a CRM will hugely benefit all customer relationships as processes can be automated and streamlined so that your team knows where they are at every step of the customer journey.

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