In FileMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 1 I demonstrated options and setting available for Styles. This post I am going a little further by demonstrating the actual styles available for Fields, Text, and Buttons.

The Demo file attached will show the available styles and the  applied styles for this theme. The current theme is a slightly modified version of Enlightened with Default Styles in FileMaker Pro 13 unless noted where I added / modified a style.


field_stylesField Styles

I have added two images to show the Styles available and what they look like when the style is applied. I use the Default style anywhere data has to be entered on a layout but for portal rows or anywhere data does not get entered I’ll use the Minimal Edit Box style. In a future post I’ll show a custom style I use to show that data cannot be entered but won’t leave blank space on the layout.





Text Styles

As you can see from the attached images is how many text styles are available. Below shows all text styles available, the sizing displayed is default with no modifications.

I have added an additional style called Default Bold that I used on the Fields tab ad a header above the fields. I explained in Stylin’ Part 1 that you are able to add additional styles and in a later post I will further demonstrate how to create them.



Button Styles

Here are the styles available for Buttons, one thing to note is button styles have Normal, Hover, Pressed and In Focus states.
Open the demo file to show the Normal, Hover and Pressed states.

button_styles actual_button_styles


In this demo file click on one of the Text styles, make some adjustments like text color and then save the new style by clicking on the Styles Tab in the Inspector and the Icon that is now red next to the style that was updated and you’ll get a dialog like the attached image. If this style is attached anywhere else on this layout when you click Save Changes to Current Style all objects on this layout will update with the updated Style.


That’s all for now but watch for FIleMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 3 with more object styling and advance styling in later parts.

Demo File: SCG_Styles.fmp12