Today marking the second day of Spring always brings to mind several things that make this time of year so wonderful. Flowers and Trees are blooming, and the Red Sox are off to a new season. Everything is fresh and new. It’s a brand new year here at The Scarpetta Group. Years ago when I left my day job at The National Fire Protection Association, I never planned on running a company. I planned a normal life as a busy developer. Let alone, I never planned on uprooting and moving to Simpsonville, South Carolina. It was a dart at a map, but couldn’t have been a better place to land. Unknowingly, the Greenville Drive is the single “A” team for the Red Sox, and they have an awesome replica Fenway stadium, Win! I also found and connected with an awesome church, bigger Win!

Sitting here today, in our new office, thinking about a long talk I had with a new friend, potential new employee last night, I think back to a year ago where it was me in a small office and a handful of subcontractors getting things done. Today, we are 4 full-time developers, 1 part-time developer and a couple of subs. I am still humbled that we earned Platinum within the FileMaker Business Alliance, we’ve come a long way. I recall an article by Laura MacPherson of Ideally last year, where she mentioned me and what I attributed the growth in the company to. “We care about our clients. We really get excited to see them succeed. And we care about our work. It’s important to us to do a top-quality job.” What I didn’t mention is that I give God the credit, for our success.  The rest comes naturally from our faith and trust in him.

My passion is to build great intuitive FileMaker, FileMaker Go, and Web Solutions for people and businesses that deserve the best. I have been doing this for over 15 years, I started in FileMaker 2.1, a veteran of 13 FileMaker Developer conferences as well.  I made a decision not to use contracts unless a business requires one, after all what’s the point of starting a relationship with a legal explanation of what it’s going to be like if something goes wrong. I want all of our relationships built on mutual Trust, period. When we take on a new client, we are there for them, to lead them through the process of  showing them how they can improve their business, do things differently and challenge them. Yes, I challenge my clients to change workflows, to save money or time, or even eliminate steps. This is my passion, watching someone smile because we made their job easier or increased their profits, or provided solid return on investment or with one client specifically, gave them the time with their family back. I also know we are not the only company out there, and potential clients have choices, I like to think we are different not because of our skills in FileMaker, Web and Business Processes, but because of our faith and core values.

I have a different life than I did several years ago, I’m home for dinner, I don’t work weekends (ok, sometimes, but rare). I have built a team I can trust implicitly and wouldn’t trade any of them for anything. They know the details, they know weekly how the company is doing, no secrets here. All of us have the same goal, work hard, have fun doing it because we love what we do, everyone cares about everyone and the overall success, but everyone is here because they are passionate about what they do.

What makes me tick specifically? When I’ve taught someone something new, when I’ve invented some new approach to a problem, when I’ve had a conversation with a client and they are blown away that I really heard what they said and understood their needs. When I can take a break and step back and be grateful for all that is going on around me. So I guess what this is all about is for everyone to see a glimpse into me and to say Thank You to everyone who has been working with us over the years, we look forward to helping you into the future. For those who are just reading this, give us a call and see how we can improve your business.

Warming up outside, taking the afternoon off, yard work, then off to Charleston for the weekend, with my honey, and some time relaxing behind the camera, checking out the history and finding a great little restaurant. Have a great weekend! Go take a break, recharge!


– Joe

Joe Scarpetta
CEO/ Owner The Scarpetta Group, Inc.
Certified FileMaker Developer