In FileMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 2 I showed the available styles for the Enlightened FileMaker Theme and how they appear for Fields, Text and Buttons. In this post I am continuing with Shapes and Popovers and have attached an updated Demo File to go through.




Shape Styles
Below are 3 images to show all the available styles in the Enlightened Theme for shapes and also what the actual styles look like. One thing to note in the images I used a rounded rectangle but all the shape styles would apply to rectangles and circles as well.


actual_shape_styles_1 actual_shape_styles_2

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Popover Styles

One thing to note about Popover styles is that the buttons are set to a Default button style which I left to demonstrate only the popovers. You can however change the style of the button with any of the theme button styles on the other tab or create your own. In a future post I’ll show how to use icons for button styles and those will are available for the popover buttons also. To change the style of the Popover you will need to get the popover to open by double clicking the popover button, then click in any empty space to select the popover and all the available styles will display in the Inspector Styles tab.

actual_default_popover actual_alternate2_popover actual_alternate1_popover[space ]

Thanks for reading and watch for FIleMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 4 where I will finish object styling and then in following posts I will demonstrate how to create custom styles and using icons for creating button styles.

Demo File: SCG_Styles.fmp12

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