In FileMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 3 I showed the additional available styles in the Enlightened FileMaker Theme for Shapes and Popovers. I’m continuing in Stylin’ Part 4 with Tab Panels, Slide Controls and Layout Parts.

Tab Panel Styles

Tab Panels only style is Default but they have different states of Active, Inactive, Hover, and In Focus which are properties of that style that can be changed. The images below show they available styles and also the different states. Each tab panel is named with the correct state for the style. However in the Demo file attached they are all single tab panels with the active state changed to demonstrate.



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Slide Control Styles

Slide Controls are similar to Tab Panels where they have additional properties that can be changed. The different properties are Slide Control, Slide Control: Panel and Slide Control: Dots. Slide Control alone only changes the background color of the whole slide control box not the actual slide panel so this color is only seen on the bottom behind the dots. Adding padding to a slide control will show the background color all around. Slide Control: Panel is exactly it’s name and the actual panel style. Slide Control: Dots have additional properties for Active, Inactive, Hover, Pressed and In Focus that can be set to your design, or they can be turned off in the Slide Control Setup, see FileMaker Pro 13: Slip Sliding Away for more on slide controls.


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Layout Part Styles

To demonstrate the Layout parts I have taken a screen shot from a list view layout to show all the different part styles as the Default style but they can all be changed to any of the styles listed in the Inspector Styles tab. There is also a Layout Background option that Defaults to none for the theme style which only shows the default part style. So for example the body is a light gray then thats what you would see. However if you change the Layout Background to an image then the opacity could be changed on the different Layout Parts to show the image in the background.



[space ] I was hoping to get through the rest of the object styles in FileMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 4 but I will continue with one final set of object styles which are the Control Styles ( Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, etc.. ) in FileMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 5. Video demos with more time saving techniques will start in FileMaker Pro 13 – Styling Part 6. Thanks for reading and watch for the next post soon!

Demo File: SCG_Styles.fmp12